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SharePoint Installation

Our company wanted to implement SharePoint intranet site for document collaboration and some work flows and Acesoft delivered the project; more than what we expected. Professional and knowledgeable , Good job Jim and team.

Rob Stevenson
Rob Stevenson,
IT Manager

SharePoint customization

Acesoft team did a wonderful job by customizing our SharePoint portal. We wanted our SharePoint to have attractive and unique look and also wants to brand our installation with our company theme. Acesoft team walked us through all process and completed our project successfully.

Mary Elizabeth Sullivan
Mary Elizabeth Sullivan ,
Senior Vice President

SP Maintenance

Our company's SharePoint website was developed by Acesoft team and they were also doing maintenance work since 2011. Always available , very professional and quickly fix if there are any issues . A wonderful team to work with!

Alicia Mathews
Alicia Mathews,
SharePoint Administrator

Recent SharePoint projects

From installation to customization to maintenance!

SharePoint London Ontario
SharePoint 2
SharePoint 3

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